Is osteopathy for me?

If you are not sure whether osteopathic treatment would be beneficial for you or your child please telephone the Practice and discuss directly with a fully qualified osteopath.

We are very happy to discuss whether a consultation would be appropriate.

Is osteopathy appropriate during pregnancy?

It’s quite normal to get some discomfort during and directly after a pregnancy, and whilst usually nothing serious, it’s natural to worry about what might be causing your symptoms.

The Institute of Osteopathy has produced a useful two page guide which you may find helpful.

Please feel free to call us for further advice about osteopathy during pregnancy.

What happens during the first consultation?

For the first consultation we usually allocate about an hour.

Your osteopath will want to know what type of problem you are experiencing and a thorough case history will be taken.

This will include your general health, previous illnesses, your lifestyle and family medical history.

Based on the case history we will then conduct a physical examination, and for this it is usual to undress down to your underwear or sports shorts.

After the examination your osteopath will always explain the findings, and if appropriate a suitable course of treatment will be prescribed.

Sometimes additional investigations or tests are required, and if necessary an appropriate referral can be made.